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The Concept


The Jovium® System was developed by Dr. Alfredo Nudman, a leading clinical psychiatrist and professor of psychiatry at an Ivy League university. During his extensive career as a practicing clinician, Dr. Nudman has treated a wide range of patients suffering from, mild to severe, mental health problems.

Over the years the limitations of the traditional medical approach became progressively more apparent. Standard psychiatric medications don’t always fully help and often bring on difficult side effects. At the same time, increasing numbers of patients would come actively seeking more natural alternatives to obtain relief from their difficulties, often preferring to avoid drugs altogether!

Dr. Nudman felt compelled to seek out natural, scientifically based, high quality products, which would effectively relieve some of his patient’s complaints.

After conducting an extensive search, Dr. Nudman concluded that there were no products available on the market, which met his stringent criteria. He consequently felt driven to create his own line of products to meet the needs of his patients.

Hence, the concept of Jovium® was born!

Sifting through thousands of pages of medical and scientific journals, Dr. Nudman identified natural ingredients, which were scientifically proven to enhance mood, releave feelings of depression and anxiety and promote calm, emotional balance, energy and wellness. He then went on to develop a System that would bring all of these components together, in what is the most effective, safe and clinically proven* natural alternative to address these difficulties.

Inspired by patient’s, available to you!

Try the power of Jovium® yourself and begin feeling Naturally Happy®!

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