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Jovium is finally here!


Welcome to Jovium.com, the beginning of your journey to feel Naturally Happy!

We are incredibly excited to be, finally, here. It's been a long journey to bring the Jovium System to you. Years of researching the medical literature to find the perfect ingredients; of looking for the highest quality manufacturers to produce our formula according the highest possible standards; of thinking about and working on every little detail to make sure it would be exactly what we our patients deserved: only the best!

And we are finally here! With the most powerful natural system to help people achieve the mental and physical wellbeing the so desperately want and deserve. Mood instability, feelings of depression and anxiety, low energy, poor mental focus can all be quite impairing. They can severely interfere with a persons daily functioning and quality of life. People struggling with these difficulties can relate to how much they interfere with work productivity and personal and family life. Thankfully, modern medicine does offer some relief. But often, standard medical treatments fall short. Either they don't fully help or they bring along difficult side effects that, at times, can be just as bad as they problem they are supposed to solve. 

Hence the need for more natural approaches. And we belive the Jovium System can make a huge difference. Our unique blend of scientifically proven ingredients will help your brain function optimally. It will help your brain cell machinery function as efficiently as possible in maintaining the right chemical balance that, in turn, will help it regulate mood, decrease feelings of depression and anxiety and boost cognitive functioning. 

But the Jovium approach to mental health is not just about taking the right supplements every day. Ours is a holistic view of what health should be. So we have added a page full of Wellness tips like what kind of diet to eat and what kind of excercise to do. We belive that if you combine the Jovium System with a healthy lifestyle you will be on your way to feeling Naturally Happy!

So don't wait any longer. Make the decision to start on your way back to health. Follow our advice and you too will be feeling Naturally Happy before you know it!

We want to hear from you and your experience. Please, send us your feedback through our website or any of our social medial sites. We would to hear how you have chosen to return to health naturally. And, obviously, about your experiences with the Jovium System. 

Hope to see you back soon!

With my best wishes for health and natural happiness, 

Dr. Nudman



Are supplements really fake?  

This past few week the world of natural supplements has been abuzz. On February 3 the New York Times published an article reporting on New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s denouncing four major retailers for selling “adulterated or mislabeled dietary supplements”. Mr. Schneiderman went as far as to send each one of them a “cease and desist letter”, ordering to stop the sale of those supplements. This events came as the result of an investigation conducted by Mr. Schneiderman where he used a novel technique called “DNA bar coding” to test a sample of supplements bought at those stores. The “damning” results allegedly revelaed that “four out of five of the products did not contain any of the herbs on their labels”. They also stated that “they often contained little more than cheap fillers like powdered rice, asparagus and houseplants, and in some cases substances that could be dangerous to those with allergies”. 

The media picked up on this and the news spread like wildfire. Social media outlets, like twitter, quickly lit-up, with most people passing an immediate guilty veredict and supporting a crack-down on the natural supplement industry. 

The only problem is that it’s not so clear Mr. Schneiderman’s results were at all accurate. In the hours and days following the article, multiple experts have reported that the technique used for the investigation has not been validated for this particular use and is highly likely to have provided inaccurate results. Steve Mister, president and CEO of the Council for Responsible Nutrition explained that "Processing during manufacturing of botanical supplements can remove or damage DNA. As a result, DNA analysis may be the wrong test for these kinds of products.” He went as far as to accuse Schneiderman of “engaging in a elf-serving publicity stunt under the guise of protecting public health.” Michael McGuffin, president of the American Herbal Products Association, said “identification of an herb through DNA testing must be confirmed through other means, such as chromatography or microscopy.” United Natural Product Alliance President Loren Israelsen said “the testing used by the investigators was almost suspiciously flawed, which raises the obvious question of why the use of DNA analysis when a few simple phone calls would have led to the conclusion that this is an inappropriate technology.”

The discussion escalated al the way up to the US Senate where Sens. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, and Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., sent a letter last week to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, questioning the method used for the investigation and, thus, the legality of Mr. Schneiderman’s actions. 

The discussion is still ongoing on both sides. But as someone deeply involved in the natural supplement world, both as a manufacturer/retailer and as a consumer, both for myself and my family and for my patients, what’s the conclusion? The truth is that there are problems in the industry. As pointed out by George Pontiakos, CEO of BI Nutraceuticals "adulteration and contamination remains one of, if not the biggest issue impacting the dietary supplement industry." Label claims that are poorly backed by science, or just plain false, remain an issue as well. And the problem is that we run the risk of people throwing out the baby with the bathwater. 

There are plenty of excellent products out there. High quality products, manufactured with the highest quality raw materials, in modern, state of the art and certified facilities. Products that accomplish exactly what they claim, backed by strong scientific evidence. We hope there will be enough reasonable voices out there to state our case to the public and avoid them loosing confidence in the industry as a whole. 

It’s up to each one of us to make sure that our products are in that category. And that’s what we’ve done at Jovium since it’s inception. From the very planning stages we refused to consider manufacturing our products overseas, by companies that might have sounded great on paper, but where we had no way of guaranteeing the quality of the final product. We chose to stay local, in the US and Canada, only working with companies that held themselves and their suppliers to the highest standards. And where government oversight and certification made sure things were done right. Where every ingredient was tested and re-tested to guarantee their quality and purity. Where the use of “fillers” or any other contaminants was never an option. 

Besides, if you’re reading this, by now you should be aware that our label claims are backed up by hundreds of scientific research articles, combined with years of clinical experience. 

Thus you can rest assured that in every bottle of any Jovium natural supplement you are getting exactly what you need: the highest quality and purity, most advanced and powerful natural supplement to help you fight depression and anxiety. Jovium will truthfully help you feel Natually Happy®. 

Dr. Nudman